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You should always be looking for a better deal on your home loan. We can help find a solution to suit your needs.  Refinancing to reduce your interest rate by even 0.5% could save you thousands, and put you on the path to paying off your loan sooner, or free up cashflow for other investments.

With our support, refinancing can be a quick and pain free process.  If you have just come out of a fixed rate period, or have had your loan for 3-4 years, now is the time to look into refinancing.

We can help to answer any of the following questions.

  • What rates are currently available across more than 20 lenders?
  • How much will I save by refinancing?
  • What are the costs of refinancing?
  • Are there lenders that will cover the cost of refinancing?
  • Do I need to setup new direct debits?
  • How long will refinancing take?
  • Can I refinance and borrow more for personal or investment use?
  • Is there a penalty if I paid out my existing loan early?
  • Should I go fixed or variable?


The truth is, with lenders looking to be as competitive as possible, there may be a rate out there that will help you build wealth quicker and free up that precious cash flow to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

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