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When considering getting a loan for investment purposes, it is important that you get the structure correct from the start to protect your assets into the future.  We will look at your short term and long term financial goals and structure your borrowings to meet those objectives.

These are some of the factors that we assess for you prior to buying an investment so you get the best possible solution for your situation.

  • We will assess whether you can use the equity in your current home loan or other investments as a deposit. There can be many benefits to this, including; lower rates, bigger investment, lower cash flow impact to name a few.
  • Accessing equity in existing property can help you avoid large lenders mortgage insurance costs.
  • Cross collateralising will only complicate your future investments when looking to grow your portfolio or selling off. Rather, we look at ways this can be avoided so you can achieve your short and long-term wealth goals more efficiently.
  • Is Interest Only the best repayment option for your circumstances?
  • Are there lender restrictions on the postcode you are looking to invest in?
  • Can a Line of Credit (LOC) help with accessing equity and growing your portfolio?

We work with the very best accountants and financial planners that will help to ensure you get the greatest returns for your investments.

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